Conservation Area and Heritage Asset Improvement Scheme

Midsomer Norton town centre and parts of Welton were designated as a ‘Conservation Area’ in 2004 because of their ‘special architectural and historic interest’. This means the character and appearance of the local area should be protected and opportunities taken to preserve or enhance its history and heritage.

Following the
2018 assessment of the Conservation Area, the condition of the area was found to be poor. On the High Street, lack of investment was highlighted as an issue and recommendations were made to improve the visual quality and coherency of public spaces, rationalise and enhance street furniture and signage, and repair and renew tired, run-down buildings.

As such, HSHAZ project funds will seek address these issues, with approximately £70,000 allocated for:

• Improvements to the ‘at risk’ Conservation Area and High Street public realm enhancements, such as artwork murals, seasonal artwork banners and new planting/greening;
• Street furniture enhancements and decluttering (e.g. relocation and renewal of benches, removal of unattractive signage);
• Repair and renewal of heritage assets on the High Street (e.g. listed structures and locally-listed buildings) and enhancements to their settings;

The Conservation Area and Heritage Asset Improvement project stream is currently in progress with recommended public realm improvements expected to come forward from Spring 2022. These recommendations, put forward by landscape and public realm design professionals following a feasibility/design options commission, include new High Street benches, artwork murals to blank facades and seasonal artwork banners along the length of the High Street.

Our improvements


New Benches

Unit 14