Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Midsomer Norton High Street Heritage Action Zone Project?
The Midsomer Norton High Street Heritage Action Zone (‘HSHAZ’) is a community-led project funded by local community groups, Historic England, the West of England Combined Authority and B&NES Council.

The project seeks to improve the High Street by providing:

  • A new multi-use Market Square at The Island;
  • Refurbishment works to the Town Hall;
  • Repair and restoration of High Street shopfronts and signage;
  • Conservation Area and ‘heritage asset’ enhancements (e.g. improvements to the public realm and historic buildings); and
  • A Cultural Programme of community events and activities.

Who is managing the HSHAZ Project?
The Midsomer Norton HSHAZ Programme is a community-led project overseen by the Midsomer Norton HSHAZ ‘Steering Group’ of local stakeholders and implemented by the HSHAZ Project Team with input from wider stakeholder groups.
Edward Heritage is the full-time High Street Project Manager and he can be contacted by email at [email protected].

Who is funding the HSHAZ Project?
The HSHAZ Project is funded by various organisations, initiatives and local stakeholders. This includes:

  • £981,000 from Historic England through their High Street Heritage Action Zone initiative (click here for more details);
  • £895,000 from the West of England Combined Authority through their ‘Love Our High Streets’ scheme;
  • £300,000 from B&NES Council from the Community Infrastructure Levy and regeneration budgets;
  • £45,000 from Midsomer Norton Town Council;

When will the HSHAZ Project be completed?
The HSHAZ Project was launched in Spring 2020 and is due for completion in March 2024. The individual project streams will take place within that timeframe and be completed at various points before this date. For more information please see the HSHAZ Project updates available here.

What works are being carried out at The Island?
The redevelopment of The Island is a key part of the HSHAZ Project. The new Market Square at The Island will provide a flexible and attractive public space for community events and activities (including markets), support local businesses and community groups and enhance the High Street and surrounding areas. Further information on the Market Square project stream can be found here.

What works are being carried out at the Town Hall?
As part of the HSHAZ project, the ground floor of the Town Hall will be refurbished and the original Market Hall reinstated. The new Market Hall will support community, cultural and civic events and activities, and complement the use of new Market Square outside. Further information on the Market Hall Reinstatement project stream is available here. 

What improvements are being made to High Street shopfronts?
The Shopfront Improvement Scheme will support local businesses and property owners to renew and improve shopfronts, facades and signage through the provision of match funding and paid-for professional advice. This project stream will also include a comprehensive Shopfront and Façade Survey of the High Street and the creation of Shopfront Design Guidance. More information on the Shopfront Improvement Scheme can be found here.

What improvements are being made to the High Street and Conservation Area?
The Midsomer Norton Conservation area is considered to be ‘at risk’ due to its poor condition and improvements to public spaces, street furniture, signage and tired and run-down buildings are recommended. The Conservation Area and Heritage Asset Improvement project stream seeks to address these issues through High Street public realm enhancements, street furniture renewal/decluttering and heritage asset repairs (e.g. for listed structures and locally-listed buildings). Further information on the Conservation Area, Heritage Asset and High Street public realm improvements can be found here.

What is the plan for the South Road Access?
The South Road Access is an important pedestrian route from the South Road Car Park to the High Street which is now in poor condition and poorly-lit. Unfortunately this area is privately-owned and not a Public Right of Way which makes improvement works difficult to implement. Nevertheless, early-stage, conceptual improvements will be considered as part of a masterplanning exercise for the former brewery sites to take place from 2024 onwards.

Will you be making change to the South Road Car Park?
No, the South Road Car Park is not included within the remit of the Midsomer Norton HSHAZ Project.

How can I get involved or contact the HSHAZ Project Team?
There are many ways to get involved with the HSHAZ Project and more opportunities will come forward as the individual project streams progress.
For further information, or to discuss the HSHAZ project in more detail, please feel free to contact the HSHAZ Project Manager, Edward Heritage, by email: [email protected]